Mar 022013

As part of their Kamiakin High School culminating project, Michelle Fletcher and Megan Beauchene organized a 5k run/walk. All proceeds from the event go to the local YMCA’s Girls on the Run Foundation, an after-school program that promotes healthy and active lifestyles for elementary age girls. Both Megan and Michelle are distance runners, running for Kamiakin’s cross country and track teams, making the YMCA’s program very appropriate.

To support Megan and Michelle, I volunteered to take some photos of the event that they can use when they present their culminating project. I figured it would help them out and would get me ready for track season since I have not taken any sports photos since the end of Cross Country season. Below are the photos I took and links to them at my portfolio site (, Facebook (Facebook), and Google+ (Google+).

Find Your Greatness 5K Run/Walk Find Your Greatness 5K Run/Walk Find Your Greatness 5K Run/Walk

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