Mar 312012

I never get as many shots as I would like of the field events. The running events are scheduled and announced. Field events just happen. If you walk away from the Shot Put area to go get some photos of the Pole Vault, someone you wanted to photograph may have their turn and be done for the day before you get back.

High jump is no exception. It along with the Pole Vault are even more difficult because the top athletes will sit out of the competition until the bar gets raised to higher standard. I come back to the pits during the day only to miss the athletes when they finally take their turns.

High Jump

This image is a composite of 5 seperate images. I think it turned out pretty well. My ideal set up if I was to plan to do a shot like this would be to

  • set the camera on Manual mode so that the exposure would not change between images
  • set the camera’s field of view wide enough to capture all five images without having to move the camera
  • set the camera on a tripod so the images are all aligned to start with and not require so much hand work
  • read my camera manual to find out how to have the camera automatically take 5 shots (if it’s even possible)