Kamiakin vs Hanford – Around the Basketball Court

Game Info
Date: January 13, 2012
Teams: Kamiakin Braves -vs- Hanford Falcons @ Kamiakin
Story: Tri-City Herald

Photos at Smugmug
Boys Basketball: Kamiakin vs Hanford – Boys Varsity Basketball Photos
Girls Basketball: Kamiakin vs Hanford – Girls Varsity Basketball Photos
Around the Court: Kamiakin vs Hanford – Around the Basketball Court Photos

Besides the basketball game there was a lot of other things happening around the basketball court.
It would not be a basketball game if there were not cheerleaders and a half-time show by the Kamiakin Dance team.

But it was not all fun and games.
When the Kamiakin Leadership Class heard that a fellow student, Alfredo Barajas, was suffering from an inoperable heart condition and was receiving hospice care and the family was in need they did not just sit around.
Instead they looked around and found some ways to raise money, money for their classmate’s pending burial costs.
Besides placing collection cans at some local businesses, Kamiakin’s KANO club passed coffee cans at the last two basketball games.
My understanding is they raised well over $2,500 at the two games.
Great job Kamiakin! Our prayers are with Alfredo and his family.






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