May 122013

3A/4A District 5 Championships This meet determines which athletes from the 3A & 4A schools of the Mid-Columbia Conference will move on to the GSL/MCC 3A/4A Regional Championship Meet next week in Spokane. Nine high schools were represented: Chiawana, Hanford, Kamiakin, Kennewick, Pasco, Richland, Southridge, and Walla Walla.

I took just over 3,000 photos but after removing bad, blurry, and redundant photos, I hope to end up with 2,000 keepers. I will add the photos to my Sports Photography Album as I get them processed.

2013 3A/4A District 5 Championships Zenfolio Photos (2000+ photos)
Fran Rish Stadium, Richland WA
May 11, 2013

Mens 3A District Champions       Mens 4A District Champions
1.  Hanford     208              1.  Richland    223
2.  Kamiakin    183.5            2.  Walla Walla 216
3.  Southridge  134.5            3.  Chiawana    107.5

Womens 3A District Champions     Womens 4A District Champions
1.  Kamiakin    319              1.  Richland    303.5
2.  Southridge  178              2.  Walla Walla 226.5
3.  Kennewick    93              3.  Chiawana     93


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