2013 UW Sundodger Invitational

2012 UW Sundodger - High School Boys
2012 UW Sundodger – High School Boys Varsity

2013 Sundodger Invitational

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Lincoln Park, Seattle, WA

September 14, 2013

09-12 20:37 College and High School meet – I will only be photographing the Open and the High School races

09-14 16:00 Ended up knowing too many kids in the college invite races so photographed them as well. Just means more photos to process 🙂

09-15 8:36 6400 photos taken. All finally copied to my hard drive and into Lightroom. Now to start processing.

09/15 18:00 765 High School Boys Varsity Photos online and on Facebook

09/15 20:00 High School Girls Varsity photos are going up online and on Facebook till I fall asleep.






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