Jan 142012

Game Info
Date: January 13, 2012
Score: Kamiakin Braves: 61 -vs- Hanford Falcons: 37 @ Kamiakin

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The Kamiakin girls basketball played a great game against their cross-town rivals, Hanford High. This was my first attempt at photographing a basketball game. My son asked if I could get some photos of their student section as part of their effort to raise money for Alfredo Barajas who is under hospice care for a terminal heart condition. Since I would be bringing my camera, figured it would be a good opportunity to shoot some indoor sports.

Due to some prior commitments I wasn’t able to make it for the first half of the girls game but tried some photos at various locations on the court. Basketball moves quite a bit faster than Cross Country and in Cross Country you can almost always set yourself into a position where the athletes will be coming right towards you. In basketball the player is changing posistions constantly though he is rarely facing you directly and if by chance he does, more likely than not, a ref will block the photographers view.