Dec 122011

I was asked to take some photos of the Cable Bridge Run this year for the Port of Pasco to use in some publicity pieces.
A nice blue sky would have been perfect.
Instead the day was cold and overcast.
If I get a chance I may teach myself how to ‘replace’ the ugly gray sky with a nice blue sky from earlier this year.

From my vantage at the Port’s building I would not see the 1 mile runners since they would not run this far.
The 5k runners ran along Ainsworth in front of the Port property while the 10k runners ran along the river on the back side of the Port property.
I went back and forth bewtween the front and back to try to get some shots that would highlight both the river trail and the rest of the Port of Pasco’s property.

All the photos can be found at my SmugMug album: 2011 Cable Bridge Run