May 282012

Since I had planned on taking my boys to watch their teammates at the State Track & Field Championships, I was very happy when contacted by ESPN/HS (Dyestat) to see if I could take some photos of the meet for them. I would team up once again with James Thomas from Yakima to cover as much of the meet as possible.

3 days of events. 25 new state records set. And the Kamiakin Girls dominated their 3A division.

How many photos can you take in 3 days? I took a little over 2,000 pictures each day. Yes, each day. Now I will have to see how long it takes me to process them. I really need to find a way to streamline my process but find myself too much of a perfectionist and want to straighten and crop each photo.

Here are the albums:

1600 Meters - 3A Boys